Published Work

Security and Terrorism

Global Ricochet: America’s mass shootings are a security problem for Australia, Institute for Regional Security, The Regionalist, 2017 (publication forthcoming)

Book Review: “Understanding Lone Actor Terrorism: Past experience, future outlook, and response strategies,” The Journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers, Volume 24 (1), 2016

Kāfir Pride: An examination of the recent apparent rise in Australian anti-Islamic activity and the challenges it presents for national security, Journal for Deradicalization, Spring 2016

What to do in a mass shooting: Australia learns from the FBI, The National Interest, December 2015

Australian require proactive approach to shooter threat, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, The Strategist, December 2015

An afternoon with Australia’s Bendigo mosque protesters, VICE, August 2015 (nb. Published under a pseudonym due to concurrent postgraduate research)

NATO’s role in a shrinking world, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 2013

Nagl: Drones precluded US invasion of Pakistan, Lowy Institute, The Interpreter, August 2013



Framing Dystopia, ZAM, March 2017

Chumbucket: The unsung hero of Mad Max, Thumbsticks, December 2016

Down Under-Represented: Australia in videogames, ZAM, November 2016

America is sick: Actualising potential state failure with The Division, First Person Scholar, May 2016

Smash hits and flops: A brief history of ragdoll physics, ZAM, April 2016

All stations are go: AIE students to develop Sony games, The Canberra Times, May 2013

Live and let play, twenty600, 2009


Fairfax Media

Public servants seek career guidance from the spirit world, The Canberra Times, October 2013

Fyshwick still Canberra’s burglary capital, The Canberra Times, August 2013

Learning enemy lines, The Canberra Times, March 2013

Police investigate slingshot attacks in Jerrabomberra, The Canberra Times, February 2013

Pide and Prejudice, The Sydney Morning Herald, November 2012

A shot at the improbable dream, The Canberra Times, August 2012